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    Rigging works

    Rental Units company offers services for the implementation rigging works. A certified team of slingsmen will perform technical tasks of the customer in accordance with all existing rules and regulations.

    We are ready to implement:

    • Installation /deinstallation of industrial equipment
    • Ascent/descent of floating rigs
    • Movement of large loads

    There are traverses, slings and other devices for safe movement of the entrusted cargo. For testing of bridge and portal bridge cranes, as well as other lifting facilities, we rent out a set of test loads with a total weight of up to 82 tons.

    Order rigging works in our company and be sure that works will be performed by real professionals!

    Rigging equipment, traverses, and slings provision.


    Set of traverses l/c &nbsp 50 tons (2x25 tons).

    Set of traverses includes:
    • 2 spacer traverses L = 6000mm (butts at the distance of 5400 and 3600);
    • upper tooling: 4 pcs (2pcs per beam) - VK "thimble-loop" bush 6500/12,5 tons;
    • upper tooling: 4 pcs (2 pcs per beam) – omega bracket, bolt 13,5 tons;
    • bottom tooling: 8 pcs (4 pcs per beam) - omega bracket, bolt 12,5 tons;
    • bottom tooling (sling): 4 pcs (2 pcs per beam) - VK "koush-ogon" sleeve 5000/12, 5 tons;
    • bottom tooling (sling): 2 pcs (1 pc per beam) - USK sling 10000/12, 5 tons


    Set of traverses l/c  60 tons  (2x30 tons).

    - 2 spacer traverses L = 6000 mm (butts at the distance of 5400 and 3600);


    Set of traverses l/c 80 tons  (1x80 tons).

    • 1 spacer traverse L = 5500mm (butt at the distance of 3000 and 4000);

    It is intended for lifting/moving of special equipment,, including mobile cranes with loading capacity up to 250 tons, and the total weight up to 75 tons; also there is a full set of necessary load-handling devices (slings, spider, brackets).


    Set of test loads for various tests with a total weight of up to 82 tons.

    Rental cranes ranging from 50 to 750 tonnes 

    Modern fleet of cranes of the world's leading manufacturers

    Engineering Support

    Reliability and Quality Assurance

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